Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Been a while

So its been a while since I have posted. I have been busey with work and running the last two weeks and haven't had the time to sit down and post what I have been up to. Runnig wise the last two weeks have been great and steps in the right direction as I get closer to the marathon. Two wednesdays a ago I did 5x1200m at threshold pace with the last one at 3:56. Two days later on Friday I raced Grandmas Marathon 5k. There were a lot of positives to take out the race: I went out in 4:57, finnished higher than last year 7th, ran over a minute faster than last year 16:26, and ran close to my pr. I only thing I wish I would have done different is when I hit the turn around to head back to the finnish instead of sitting behind 2nd place and make him do all the work running into a head wind i should have stepped up and pushed the pace to run faster. My goal for my next 5k is to go out just as fast, maybe a little faster and hold on/close better. Ran 93 miles that week.

I did two workouts last weeks. I mini-workout tuesday with 5xupper glen park hill loop and 10mins of 60 on 60 off after hills, and the other workout was 6x1mile at maraton goal pace with 200m jog between. I did the workout with Justin and it went great and was faster than expected. Closed the last two repeats in 5:25 and 5:28 but i never flet out of my comfort zone. I know I could have down 4 more. Ran 105 miles last week.

Tonight Justin and I plan to run 5miles with first 1.5 miles at HM/10mile pace then 2 miles at MP and last 1.5 miles again at HM.

I have figured out the races I plan on doing before the marathon give or take two:

4th of July 8k Blaine
Lumberjack Days 1omiler
Henpin Lake Classic 5k
MDRA 15k -?
Half Marathon
City of Lakes 25k -?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dialing it in

Yesterday I got in an easy 10miles with Justin in Glen Park. The pace was realy under control and allowed the legs to recover. The total for last week was 90miles with sunday off and one workout on wednesday. Today I decided to do my first long run and added some marathon pace effort into the end of the run. My goal for my long runs the rest of the training period is to make them modified long runs/mini-workouts. Brad Hudson uses these for his athletes and I am going to try them and see how the work. After running Shopko Trials/10miles in 66mins i took a couple sips of Powerade and put on the Nike Lunar Racers for the last 4 miles. I had thought about doing 60sec at marathon pace 60sec esy but instead turned the last 4miles into a moderate/farlick and finnished in 23mins. Overall a good workout considering it was the first warm/humid day of June. On a side note the Lunar Racers are a great shoe. They are extremly light/less than 5ozs but have amazing cushoning and responsivness. i will be using these for all my marathon pace workouts/all workouts on the road and also road races.

Saturday: 10miles/68mins
Total for the week:90miles with one workout

14miles/89mins with first 10miles/Shopko trials in 66mins and last 4 miles at MP/farlick in lunar racers in 23mins.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


T0days menu called for an easy 10 in the morning and then another 10 in the afternoon at Afton State Park with Justin. I ran 10 this morning with Scott and did 2 back loops in Glen Park as part of the run. The whole run felt very relaxed and incontrol. In the afternoon I headed to Afton State Park to run with Justin. Did 3 miles in the park and then ran over to the moutain bike trails that run through Afton Alps ski resort. The moutain bike trials switch back up and down the hill for about 7 miles or so, but we only did about 5 of them. Ended up with about 10miles and both runs felt under control. I will either do a lighter workout tomorrow or saturday.

AM: 10miles/67mins glen park trials in Adizero Tempos
PM: 10miles/70mins Afton/moutain bike trials in Nike Elites

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This morning I headed over to the track with Scott to 2-3x2mile with 400m revoery between each. The alst few days I have felt kinda off because of the cooler/damp weather and this mini-chest cold i am fighting. The good news is the mini-cold is alost gone. I think i caught ot at the right time and hopefully nipped it before it could do any damage. That said Monday and tuesday's runs were at a good clip but felt a little bit uncomfortable at times due to not being able to take a deep breath. Back to the workout, the goal was to hit 550-6min pace (marathon pace for me). It was suppose to be more of a pacing workout then anything since I haven't doen any workouts at marathon pace yet. The first 2mile repeat was fast we hit the first mile in 5:40 and the second mile in 5:35 for a total of 11:15. The pace comforatable but that wasn't the purpose of this workout. The second repeat we were able to settle in and hit the fist mile in 5:58 and 5:46 for a total of 11:44. The second repaet felt control and realy easy which was good. Decided not to push the body/lungs and only did 2 repeats and a 5mile cool down. Total for the run was 12miles

Monday: 12miles/78mins ran Bear Foot extended with Scott chest felt a little off

AM: 4miles
PM: 12miles/80mins ran little Boys Run with Scott first 35mins was at good pace and then slowed down a lit when we hit the trails/woods. First 35mins was at 610-630 pace.

AM: 3mile Wup 2x2mile at MP pace with 400m jog between each 5mile CD Total: 12miles
1-2mile (86, 86, 83, 85, 79, 88, 83, 82) - 11:15
2-2mile (90, 88, 89, 89, 88, 87, 87, 82) -11:44


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lonely Road

So Friday didn't go as planned. I had planned to run 10miles in morning and 10miles in the evening since I had the day off. The am 10miles went ok and I kept the breaks on the whole time to make sure it was easy. Through out the day I started to feel a soar throat was coming on which is never a good sign. I made out the door around 5pm but only made it 5 and called it good. Mind and body were a little tired/fried. The soar throat didn't get any better yesterday but still manged to click off 11.5 with Scott in 75mins with Shopko trial loop 36:20. The weather here yesterday and today has not helped much because it has been damp/cold/rainy since I finnished my run yesterday. I decided I am going to play it safe and take a zero for the day. I know good go out and put in 12 no problem but I want to be a little cautious with a race coming up in two weeks. Goal is to still get 100 miles in for the week.

AM: 10 miles/68mins Shopko trails very easy
PM: 5miles/NT Glen Park

Saturday: 11.5 miles/75mins Shopko trails with Scott plus added on a little (shopko loop in 36:20)

Total: 107miles (Highest mileage week ever)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Workout, Throwing Up and More Miles

Yesterday morning I headed over to the with Scott Bowman for a workout. I had talked about doing 6x1k but being 7am I debated between 1.5 mile repeats at tempo pace or 4-5x1mile at goal marathon pace(550-6) with 200m/60sec recovery. What ended up happening was 4x1 mile with 200m walk/jog in 5:36, 5:32, 5:28, 5:19. The first repeat we hit 85s for the first two laps and just up the tempo a litlte and ended up being the case for all the repeats. Overall I am happy with this work since I did 20 the day before and it was done at 7am. The sweetest thing was how perfect it was out yesterday morning and today. Not only was there little/no wind but the temps were perfect for a workout. Doing track workouts early in the morning may become a staple this summer. I know it takes longer to wake the legs up so early in the morning but the benifits of runing in less wind and cooler temps far outwieght waking up early. Having Scott there for the workout was a plus and I hope is schedule and/or other peoples workout so I we can do workouts togather. Its always easier running hard with someone then by yourself even if you are not doign the exact same workout.

AM: 3mile Wup 4x1mile 10k-HM pace with 200m/60sec recovery 5mile CD Total-12miles
1-(85,85,82,83) 5:36
2-(86,82,83,79) 5:32 Scott puked 1200m in so finished on my own
3-(83,83,80,80) 5:28
4-(82,79,81,76) 5:19

PM: 4miles in Lunar Trainers

AM: 12miles/77mins with 10min+ pickup after 60mins of running Glen Park Trails - Nike Zoom Elites #
PM: 4miles in Lunar Trainers

The goal is to get in 20miles total tomorrow and 12 on saturday for a total of 112miles for the week. I will most likly be doing a workout tomorrow so 3 x 10min tempos at tempo-marathon pace with 2-3mins recovery for my main run and the other run will just be as much mileage as I need to hit 20. I feel I have gained more fitness from last week and I am ready to see what happens in two weeks at grandma's marathon 5k

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

20miles and Long Day

Today was not only a long day runnign wise but also a long day at work. This morning I ran an easy 7 miles and checked out a new bridge and trails that are being build in a park in River Falls. The bridge is going to be massive and adding extra trails to run is always a plus. After work I ran Hoffman Park trails and Shopko Trails before headin back to house. The total run was about 13miles with a total of 20 for thr day.

The plan for tomorrow am is 6x1k at 320-325 pace (10k-HM pace) with 200m jog and some quick 200m or 100m.

AM: 7miles/NT
PM: 13miles/85mins