Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This morning I headed over to the track with Scott to 2-3x2mile with 400m revoery between each. The alst few days I have felt kinda off because of the cooler/damp weather and this mini-chest cold i am fighting. The good news is the mini-cold is alost gone. I think i caught ot at the right time and hopefully nipped it before it could do any damage. That said Monday and tuesday's runs were at a good clip but felt a little bit uncomfortable at times due to not being able to take a deep breath. Back to the workout, the goal was to hit 550-6min pace (marathon pace for me). It was suppose to be more of a pacing workout then anything since I haven't doen any workouts at marathon pace yet. The first 2mile repeat was fast we hit the first mile in 5:40 and the second mile in 5:35 for a total of 11:15. The pace comforatable but that wasn't the purpose of this workout. The second repeat we were able to settle in and hit the fist mile in 5:58 and 5:46 for a total of 11:44. The second repaet felt control and realy easy which was good. Decided not to push the body/lungs and only did 2 repeats and a 5mile cool down. Total for the run was 12miles

Monday: 12miles/78mins ran Bear Foot extended with Scott chest felt a little off

AM: 4miles
PM: 12miles/80mins ran little Boys Run with Scott first 35mins was at good pace and then slowed down a lit when we hit the trails/woods. First 35mins was at 610-630 pace.

AM: 3mile Wup 2x2mile at MP pace with 400m jog between each 5mile CD Total: 12miles
1-2mile (86, 86, 83, 85, 79, 88, 83, 82) - 11:15
2-2mile (90, 88, 89, 89, 88, 87, 87, 82) -11:44


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