Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Week and New shoes

Nothing to excited to report. Ran an easy 12miles yesterday and 16miles today in two runs. This past saturday I purchased a pair of Nike Luna Trainers to try out. I have a pair of the Luna Racers and I love them so I decided to give the trainers a try. I will rotate them into the shoe rotation. Tomorrow I am helping Tony out with his workout of 3x3miles at 530 pace. Haven't decided if i will do one 3 mile repeat and then some shoter repeats after or a bunch of 1k repeats at 10k-HM pace with 200m jog between.

Sunday: 12miles/82mins in Nike Elites

AM: 12miles/NT in Nike Elites
PM: 4miles/27mins in Lunar Trainers

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