Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Been a while

So its been a while since I have posted. I have been busey with work and running the last two weeks and haven't had the time to sit down and post what I have been up to. Runnig wise the last two weeks have been great and steps in the right direction as I get closer to the marathon. Two wednesdays a ago I did 5x1200m at threshold pace with the last one at 3:56. Two days later on Friday I raced Grandmas Marathon 5k. There were a lot of positives to take out the race: I went out in 4:57, finnished higher than last year 7th, ran over a minute faster than last year 16:26, and ran close to my pr. I only thing I wish I would have done different is when I hit the turn around to head back to the finnish instead of sitting behind 2nd place and make him do all the work running into a head wind i should have stepped up and pushed the pace to run faster. My goal for my next 5k is to go out just as fast, maybe a little faster and hold on/close better. Ran 93 miles that week.

I did two workouts last weeks. I mini-workout tuesday with 5xupper glen park hill loop and 10mins of 60 on 60 off after hills, and the other workout was 6x1mile at maraton goal pace with 200m jog between. I did the workout with Justin and it went great and was faster than expected. Closed the last two repeats in 5:25 and 5:28 but i never flet out of my comfort zone. I know I could have down 4 more. Ran 105 miles last week.

Tonight Justin and I plan to run 5miles with first 1.5 miles at HM/10mile pace then 2 miles at MP and last 1.5 miles again at HM.

I have figured out the races I plan on doing before the marathon give or take two:

4th of July 8k Blaine
Lumberjack Days 1omiler
Henpin Lake Classic 5k
MDRA 15k -?
Half Marathon
City of Lakes 25k -?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dialing it in

Yesterday I got in an easy 10miles with Justin in Glen Park. The pace was realy under control and allowed the legs to recover. The total for last week was 90miles with sunday off and one workout on wednesday. Today I decided to do my first long run and added some marathon pace effort into the end of the run. My goal for my long runs the rest of the training period is to make them modified long runs/mini-workouts. Brad Hudson uses these for his athletes and I am going to try them and see how the work. After running Shopko Trials/10miles in 66mins i took a couple sips of Powerade and put on the Nike Lunar Racers for the last 4 miles. I had thought about doing 60sec at marathon pace 60sec esy but instead turned the last 4miles into a moderate/farlick and finnished in 23mins. Overall a good workout considering it was the first warm/humid day of June. On a side note the Lunar Racers are a great shoe. They are extremly light/less than 5ozs but have amazing cushoning and responsivness. i will be using these for all my marathon pace workouts/all workouts on the road and also road races.

Saturday: 10miles/68mins
Total for the week:90miles with one workout

14miles/89mins with first 10miles/Shopko trials in 66mins and last 4 miles at MP/farlick in lunar racers in 23mins.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


T0days menu called for an easy 10 in the morning and then another 10 in the afternoon at Afton State Park with Justin. I ran 10 this morning with Scott and did 2 back loops in Glen Park as part of the run. The whole run felt very relaxed and incontrol. In the afternoon I headed to Afton State Park to run with Justin. Did 3 miles in the park and then ran over to the moutain bike trails that run through Afton Alps ski resort. The moutain bike trials switch back up and down the hill for about 7 miles or so, but we only did about 5 of them. Ended up with about 10miles and both runs felt under control. I will either do a lighter workout tomorrow or saturday.

AM: 10miles/67mins glen park trials in Adizero Tempos
PM: 10miles/70mins Afton/moutain bike trials in Nike Elites

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This morning I headed over to the track with Scott to 2-3x2mile with 400m revoery between each. The alst few days I have felt kinda off because of the cooler/damp weather and this mini-chest cold i am fighting. The good news is the mini-cold is alost gone. I think i caught ot at the right time and hopefully nipped it before it could do any damage. That said Monday and tuesday's runs were at a good clip but felt a little bit uncomfortable at times due to not being able to take a deep breath. Back to the workout, the goal was to hit 550-6min pace (marathon pace for me). It was suppose to be more of a pacing workout then anything since I haven't doen any workouts at marathon pace yet. The first 2mile repeat was fast we hit the first mile in 5:40 and the second mile in 5:35 for a total of 11:15. The pace comforatable but that wasn't the purpose of this workout. The second repeat we were able to settle in and hit the fist mile in 5:58 and 5:46 for a total of 11:44. The second repaet felt control and realy easy which was good. Decided not to push the body/lungs and only did 2 repeats and a 5mile cool down. Total for the run was 12miles

Monday: 12miles/78mins ran Bear Foot extended with Scott chest felt a little off

AM: 4miles
PM: 12miles/80mins ran little Boys Run with Scott first 35mins was at good pace and then slowed down a lit when we hit the trails/woods. First 35mins was at 610-630 pace.

AM: 3mile Wup 2x2mile at MP pace with 400m jog between each 5mile CD Total: 12miles
1-2mile (86, 86, 83, 85, 79, 88, 83, 82) - 11:15
2-2mile (90, 88, 89, 89, 88, 87, 87, 82) -11:44


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lonely Road

So Friday didn't go as planned. I had planned to run 10miles in morning and 10miles in the evening since I had the day off. The am 10miles went ok and I kept the breaks on the whole time to make sure it was easy. Through out the day I started to feel a soar throat was coming on which is never a good sign. I made out the door around 5pm but only made it 5 and called it good. Mind and body were a little tired/fried. The soar throat didn't get any better yesterday but still manged to click off 11.5 with Scott in 75mins with Shopko trial loop 36:20. The weather here yesterday and today has not helped much because it has been damp/cold/rainy since I finnished my run yesterday. I decided I am going to play it safe and take a zero for the day. I know good go out and put in 12 no problem but I want to be a little cautious with a race coming up in two weeks. Goal is to still get 100 miles in for the week.

AM: 10 miles/68mins Shopko trails very easy
PM: 5miles/NT Glen Park

Saturday: 11.5 miles/75mins Shopko trails with Scott plus added on a little (shopko loop in 36:20)

Total: 107miles (Highest mileage week ever)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Workout, Throwing Up and More Miles

Yesterday morning I headed over to the with Scott Bowman for a workout. I had talked about doing 6x1k but being 7am I debated between 1.5 mile repeats at tempo pace or 4-5x1mile at goal marathon pace(550-6) with 200m/60sec recovery. What ended up happening was 4x1 mile with 200m walk/jog in 5:36, 5:32, 5:28, 5:19. The first repeat we hit 85s for the first two laps and just up the tempo a litlte and ended up being the case for all the repeats. Overall I am happy with this work since I did 20 the day before and it was done at 7am. The sweetest thing was how perfect it was out yesterday morning and today. Not only was there little/no wind but the temps were perfect for a workout. Doing track workouts early in the morning may become a staple this summer. I know it takes longer to wake the legs up so early in the morning but the benifits of runing in less wind and cooler temps far outwieght waking up early. Having Scott there for the workout was a plus and I hope is schedule and/or other peoples workout so I we can do workouts togather. Its always easier running hard with someone then by yourself even if you are not doign the exact same workout.

AM: 3mile Wup 4x1mile 10k-HM pace with 200m/60sec recovery 5mile CD Total-12miles
1-(85,85,82,83) 5:36
2-(86,82,83,79) 5:32 Scott puked 1200m in so finished on my own
3-(83,83,80,80) 5:28
4-(82,79,81,76) 5:19

PM: 4miles in Lunar Trainers

AM: 12miles/77mins with 10min+ pickup after 60mins of running Glen Park Trails - Nike Zoom Elites #
PM: 4miles in Lunar Trainers

The goal is to get in 20miles total tomorrow and 12 on saturday for a total of 112miles for the week. I will most likly be doing a workout tomorrow so 3 x 10min tempos at tempo-marathon pace with 2-3mins recovery for my main run and the other run will just be as much mileage as I need to hit 20. I feel I have gained more fitness from last week and I am ready to see what happens in two weeks at grandma's marathon 5k

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

20miles and Long Day

Today was not only a long day runnign wise but also a long day at work. This morning I ran an easy 7 miles and checked out a new bridge and trails that are being build in a park in River Falls. The bridge is going to be massive and adding extra trails to run is always a plus. After work I ran Hoffman Park trails and Shopko Trails before headin back to house. The total run was about 13miles with a total of 20 for thr day.

The plan for tomorrow am is 6x1k at 320-325 pace (10k-HM pace) with 200m jog and some quick 200m or 100m.

AM: 7miles/NT
PM: 13miles/85mins

Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Week and New shoes

Nothing to excited to report. Ran an easy 12miles yesterday and 16miles today in two runs. This past saturday I purchased a pair of Nike Luna Trainers to try out. I have a pair of the Luna Racers and I love them so I decided to give the trainers a try. I will rotate them into the shoe rotation. Tomorrow I am helping Tony out with his workout of 3x3miles at 530 pace. Haven't decided if i will do one 3 mile repeat and then some shoter repeats after or a bunch of 1k repeats at 10k-HM pace with 200m jog between.

Sunday: 12miles/82mins in Nike Elites

AM: 12miles/NT in Nike Elites
PM: 4miles/27mins in Lunar Trainers

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dropped and

So Thrusday after an easy 4 miles in the morning I head out to Willow River State Park for a run with Finch, Tony, Mike Reanu, Ed, and Wynn. I was told the pace was going to be easy but we always end up rolling the hilly 10 mile loop in a good time. I PRed for the loop in 64:20 and was about a minute behind everyone else. Had stomach issues and had to take a pit stop which is ok. Didn't feel the hottest after the run but a nice 15min ice bath made the body feel better. I know being at the beach in the sun for a few hours before the run didn't help but oh well.

Friday I did an easy 12miles in the morning with shopko trials in there in 82mins and easy/windy 4miles when i got home from work at 530. Went to bed last night with the legs feeling a little soar and woke up this morning ready to do a workout. Instead of doing 6x1000 at 10k-HM pace I did 16x200m in 33-35 with 200m recover jog between each. Did this workout on hell's highway which is an ashphalt/gravel old railroad bed on campus. I did the workout on the gravel portion and my friend Shad did the warm up me and every 4th 200 with me. Shad is coming back from injury and it was nice to have someone there for even part of the workout. All the 200s were 35 or faster with a couple at 34 and 33 towards the end. each 400m total time was about 83-85sec so the overall pace of the run was good. Overall good speed/farlick seasion.

AM: 4miles
PM: 10 miles/64:20 (Willow River State Park)

AM: 12miles/82mins
PM 4miles WINDY

3.5mile Wup 16x200m (35sec-33sec) with 200m jog 4 mile CD Total: 11.5miles

Total for the week 100miles (one 5k race, two medium/steady paced runs, one speed/farleck)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another PR and another first

This week started off with a thud sunday morning when I took my first digger of the year on shopko trials. The next day I headed over to the twin cities for the Brian Kraft 5k. This is the deepest and fastest 5k in MN and this year did not disappoint. My only goal going into the race was to PR and I did by 25seconds. I ended up running 16:20. Another step in the right dorection and I my goal is year is to dip under 16mins hopefully at grandma's 5k. Tuesday I decided to run easy 10 before work and finished with another 10.5 miles with Justin after work for a total of 20.5 miles the day after a race and my first 20mile day ever.

Sunday: 12miles/81mins shopko trials

Monday: 3miles Wup Brian Kraft 5k (16:20) 3mile CD

AM: 10miles/67mins
PM: 10.5miles/71mins

AM: 12miles/75mins with middles 5miles in 30:20
PM: 4miles

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another Week

Running has been going good this week. Thrusday I ran with Justin and his brother on Shopko trials. There was a moutain bike race going on and I will have to remember this in the future if I run in the evening on Thrusdays. Friday was another solid run on shopko trials followed with a 10min ice bath in the South Fork on campus. This summer I not only want to get in more mobility drills but also try to ice three to four times a week if possible. Saturday morning I had thought about doing 10x400m with 400m jog at 5k pace or a little faster but decided to do just a light tune-up workout before racing on monday. I decided to do 4x400m faster than 5k pace with 400m jog. This workout was done once a week during cc and track season in college cutting down the recovery over the course of the season and progressing with faster 400m repeats times. The workout went very well. It was a perfect morning with a light rain during the warm up and no wind during the workout. It was a little humid but it was cool enough the humidty felt good. Ended up with times of 71,70,69,68 all with 400m jog at 7am at the end of a 97mile week mostly run by myself.

The goals for this week is to get a good solid race in monday and one or two workouts later in the week. I would like to hit around 110 miles this week. The race shoudl be quick tomorrow and very deep and I am looking forward to getting after it in my first real race in two months. I will give a race report tomorrow.



PM:10.5 miles/71mins



Saturday: 3miles Wup 4x400m with 400m jog (71,70,69,68) 3mile CD Total: 8miles


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heat Wave

The week started out with great weather but it has been getting progressivly warmer and windier since tuesday. I have been getting out the door the last three days by 7 am at the latest for my main run. Running shorter in the evening has easied me into the summer heat. I am running my first serious race since the Human Race 8k in March. Its been just over two months and there have been some high and some low points but more high points.

Sunday:13miles in beloit no time. Just did a loop I knew was about 13 and took it nice and easy

AM:14.5 miles/95mins Shopko trials by myself then added on 4 with Shad
PM: 4 miles

AM: 3.5 miles Wup 5xshort loop in Glen Park (2:48, 2:44, 2:42, 2:35, 2:44) 3.5 CD. The goal of the workout was to easy into it since it was 7am and then hammer one and keep the rest under control.
PM: 4miles

AM: 12miles/81mins

The goals for the rest of the week is to get in one more quality workout and then just miles before mondays 5k race.

Monday, May 18, 2009

94 miles

Here is a run down of my running from last week.

Sunday: 14miles. First 8miles in 48mins with middle 2.5 in 13:50 and then an easy 6miles

AM: 4miles

AM: 10miles(3.5 mile Wup 4xglen park short loop 3.5 mile CD) 2:40, 2:38, 2:36, 2:39
PM: 4miles

AM: 13miles

Thrusday: 12miles traveled home to Beloit

AM: 10miles progression/farlick in 59:50 around beloit
PM: 4miles

Saturday: easy 6miles no time

Monday, May 11, 2009

Trials by Miles

The last two weeks I have built my mileage back up quick. Last week I hit 92 miles with only one workout TCM one mile road race in downtown Minneapolis. The race was a great expereince and I set a PR on the race course of 4:57. The positives were it was after 16 miles the day before and the i went out in a 70 sec quarter and the first quarter mile is up hill.

Week of May3rd-9

AM: 4miles
PM: 12miles

PM: 11miles with middle 5miles in 29:50(first 2.5 in 15:40 second 2.5 in 14:06)

AM: 11miles/NT

AM: 12miles/80mins
PM: 4miles

AM: 4miles
PM; 3mile Wup TCM-1miles (70,77,76,72) roughly 3mile cool down




The goals for this week is to get in two solid workouts and a lot mileage. Goal is a 100miles. More about future plans forthcoming.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I haven't posted in over week because I have been sick with a cold. The last time I was sick was last september so that is a very long stretch for me to be cold free. I ran sunday, monday, and tuesday of last week and took the rest of the week off. I called to to burn with the US Park Service on friday and that hasn't helped me get over this cold. Last sunday I ran probably the best long run of my life to date. I ran with Tony and Jeff Burkhart in Hudson for a total of 15 miles. The goal was to go 2 hours but i ended up running 15 miles in 94 minutes which is just under 6:20 pace. What made it more impressive to me was it was rainy, windy, about 37 degrees out, and i had just done a hard track workout the day before. I do believe now that run in that weather is what caused me to get sick.

I just got done with an easy 5.5 miles today. I had planned on running 90mins but it was cold/windy/rainy out again. My legs felt great and the mind was willing but the rest of my body especially my lungs told me to take it easy.

Last Sat:
3 mile Wup 1x3mile tempo in 16:30, 800m jog, 6x400m at 10k-HM pace with 200m jog between( I alternated running every other 400m with Tony since he did 2x3miles) CD back to the house for a total of 12miles

Week: 100miles

Last Sunday: hilly 15miles/94mins. Ran around hudson with Tony and Jeff. They took me on every hill possible.

The goals this week is to just get the boday healthy and feeling normal again. I would like to get one workout in this week if I am feeling better, most likly at the end of the week. My next race will be the TCM 1 mile a week from thrusday. I am doing this race just as something fun and fast. If I have to get sick I would rather it be now then at the end of May when Marathon focoused training will begin.

Also I would like to say congrats to my gf Denise who threw a lifetime best yesterday in the discus even though she has a pinched nerve in her back.

Friday, April 17, 2009

This week could end being my best running week in a while. I think with the weather finaly being warm and finding out that I have been accepted to graduate school and offered a research assistanship has taken a lot of stress off of me. Yesterday I was able to run in Willow River State park with Finch, Tony, Ed-another Run n' Fun guy, and Mike Reanu. Last fall Mike placed in the top 10 at the chicago marathon.

Today I ran 11.5 in the afternoon with Tony on the trails around river falls. The goal was a very easy run but run ended up being a little quicker than we wanted but that was ok given the warm weather.

AM: 4miles
PM: 10.5miles/68mins

AM: 4miles
PM: 11.5miles/75mins ran 2xback loop in glen park.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fire, Easter, Good workout

I have been MIA the last week or so. Between working and the shoe store, running, and working for Fish & Wildlife I have been very busey. Last Friday and Saturday I had the oppurtunity to work on my first two controled burns. Thrusday after the burn I ran 12 mile and my legs felt very heavy. Saturday the burn took a lot longer due to mopping up buring trees and smoldering logs and took the day off. Last week I was still able to get in 88 miles with 14 miles monday in 94 mins and 10miles thrusday morning with Tony in 64mins so roughly 630 pace. No workouts just mileage last week.

Here is ths week so far.

Sunday(Easter): 11miles ran two loops in Glen Park

AM: 13miles/84mins ran Shopko trails then added on around campus
PM: 4miles medium pace but no time

AM: 12 miles Happy Valley Rd. out and back with no time. Legs tired and need to be stretched a couple times.
PM: 4 miles

AM: 4miles
PM: 3.5 warm up in 22:16 then 5xglen park short loop (2:39, 2:41, 2:40, 2:38, 2:35) 3 cool down. workout felt great once i got rolling warm up was quick (about 10sec slower than marathon pace) so I scraped the 2xmile repeats at marathon pace I was going to do. The last loop was my fastest ever and I was still in control. TOTAL:10

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Its been a while

The last week and a half has been pretty crazy/busey with work and getting other things done. I didn't get in a 100 miles this week but i did hit 93 with a medium paced 12 miler on sunday and threshold workout on thrusday. The goal of the past week was to get the mileage up and try to get my legs under me. I have slowly been putting workouts and mileage goals togather so i have structured running plan from now untill the marathon in october. The goals this week are to get in 2 soild workouts a mini marathon paced workout and a longer run of 15-20.

Week 29th-April 4th

Sunday: 12 miles/76mins with Tony and Ed in Stillwater, MN (hilly)

AM: 12miles/83mins
PM: 4miles

AM: 13miles/84mins
PM: 4miles

Wednesday: 13miles/88mins with Justin in Willow River State Park (steep rolling hills)

AM: 4miles
PM: 11miles (4mile Wup 4xshort loop in glen park 4mile cool down) 2:47, 2:43, 2:43, 2:40
The short loop in glen park including recovery is 1200m and the longer loop including recovery is a mile.

Friday: 12miles no time Shopko trials

Saturday: 8.5 miles

Total: 93miles

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PR and more training

The race went realy well for only my second race since training started in december. I PRed by a minute and ran 27:42. I accomplished one goal but was not able to average 5:30 miles but was close with 5:35. The first half of the race is a graudal up hill and was into a decently strong head wind. I lead a group of 7 runners through the first half of the race and then on the way back the wheels fell off a little and was a able to close in 5:09. mile 3 and 4 were a little rough so I know there is still work to do. I am happy with a minute PR but not satisfied. I want to get faster and run mid 26's for 8k/5mile by either the end of this year or next year at this race. I am also happy I was able to PR off of just base work with little speed work.

Yesterday was just an easy recovery run, but the wind had not let up at all since sunday. Today because it was still windy most of the day I decided to do 12xhoffman park hills. I realized half-way through the workout that I had done hills either as a workout or race the last 3 of 6 days. So next week i will be taking a week off and not doing any hill workout.

Total for last week: 89

Human 8k race - 27:34 (5:27, 5:36, 5:43, 5:47, 5:09) Total: 11

11miles/77mins No PM run because of lighting

AM: 4miles
PM: 12miles 4+ warm up 12x hoffman park hill (55-60sec) 4+ cool down

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tired but Ready

This afternoon I am running only my secnd race since I started training fro twin cities in the fall. The race is in St. Paul, MN and is called the Human Race 8k. I have t goals: The first is to PR (it is only 28:40 which i know isn't the greatest), the second gal is to try and run 530 miles or faster the whole way (have a finnishing time around 27:30). This wuld be a hudge imprvement considering only in the last two weeks have I started doing fast work geared towards 5k-10k. I will post later tonight the results. Here is the rest of the weeks training.

AM: 12miles/83mins (8xhill next to AGSci building on campus with 90sec jog around parking lot asrecvery) - felt tired and crappy. Laegs just never warmed up.
PM: 4miles - felt a lot better

AM: 4miles - ran in light snow that melt as quicky as it appered
PM: 4.5 mile warm up 10xhoffman park hill (hill is about 55-60sec long and goes from gradual to steep to gradual) cool down until i hit 10 miles for the run. Ran the run in cold/wind/ and pouring rain. Overall workout felt great averaged between 55-60sec per hill which is better than the last time I did this workout which was 2 years ago. The team did less reps in a longer amount of time when we are all in shape.

Sat: 11miles/74mins with Justin. Did Quarry Rd. loop but did a new add on loop that added extra 2 miles or so to the run.

Weekly Total: 89 miles with two good workouts. Overall this was a good week after running 82 the week before. The mileage goal was 90-95 and i almost hit it. I know I would have hit and exceeded without taking sunday supper easy to rest my shin. This weeks goals at to get in around 100 miles, have a good fun race, another workout on thr track, and a tempo/fatleck/hill run also this week.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting Stronger

This weeks running is going great. Yesterday was my first outdoor track workout if the year and it went better than expected. I had planned 2x800m 3mile tempo 2x800 with the 800s at 10k-5k pace. Since I was doing the workout by myself I decided to do a workout that has worked well for me considering it was by myself and I ran 13 minday night in 87mins. the workout is 800,400,200,1k at 10k,5k,mile,10k pace with 200m jog between each except after the 200m the only break is 20m jog. The rest is 4-5mins between sets. I ended up doing 2 sets and then 5x30sec hard with 60sec easy around the permiter of the soccer fields. It was pretty windy and only felt it on the turn coming into and the home stretch. The wind got worse through out the day and I was glad I ran in the AM.

AM: 4 miles
PM: 13miles/87mins over 60 for the first time this year

AM: 3 mile warm up 2x(800,400,200,1k) 4-5mins between sets (5x30sec hard 60sec easy) 3mile cool down
Set 1: 800(2:38) 400(1:15) 200(34sec) 1k(3:19-80,79,39)
Set 2: 800(2:38) 400(1:14) 200(34sec) 1k(3:17-78,80,38)

PM: 4miles

AM: 4miles
PM: 12miles/80mins Windy

The goals for the rest of the week are to get in either a tempo,hill, or fartleck run, to keep the milage up for the rest of the week, and to have fun and get a good race in on sunday. I haven't realy thought about the race at all and my goal is to PR in the 8k and sake the legs out.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Week

Haven't posted in a while and nothing to report on the running fromt other than hopefully getting fitter and sore shin muscles fom walking 3 miles ith 45 lb weight vest to pass my wildland fire fighter fitness test.

AM: 10miles/70mins treadmill. Wind and below zero out
PM: 4 miles outside

AM: 4 miles
PM: 11 total (45mins with 2x8min tempos at 530pace; 1x800m 10k pace 2:38 200m jog 4x200m 36,36,35,34 with 100m jog and cool down)

AM: 4miles
PM: 12miles/85mins ( windy/nice out ran around town and a little bit on trials)

AM: 4 miles
PM: 3 mile walk with 45 lb weight vest in 41mins

Total for the week: 82miles (Short of goal but building back up after down week legs feel good)

Sunday: 4miles shin muscles realy sore from fitness test.

The goal this week is to get in 95 miles with two solid workouts. One on the track and another with a combination of hills and some tempoing. I have signed up to run the Human Race 8k a week from today. Everyone keeps telling me I am in shape but i don't feel it/ or race sharpness. I think all of the training/mileage I have been doing has given me a numb feeling as to how fit I realy am. Tomorrow the plan is to get 12-14 for the main run with possible 2 miles on the track at marathon goal pace 540-600min miles. I know it is the day before a workout but it won't be super fast and I just want to get a feel for the outdoor track again.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back to the Grind

I haven't been on in a while but my last 3 days in stevens point were busey and I have finaly found time to update on what I have been doing. Last week I ended up only getting 45 miles for my down week and took friday, saturday, and sunday off due to class conflict and traveling. Yesterday I did two easy runs and today did my first workout in over a week. I did 3 sets of 5 hill repeats on three different hills. After a moderate paced warm up I did 5 hospital hills, 5 hills on golf view dr, and 5 hills on the gravel access rd behind my house. Recovery was the distance between the hills. Trough out the run in sleated, snowed, rained, and rained ice out.

AM: 12.5 miles (Happy Valley)
PM: 4 miles

AM: 4 miles
PM: 12.5 miles (5 miles warm uo 3x5hill repeats hospital hill, golfview hill, hoffman park hill recovery running to different hills 1 mile cool down)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Flat Run

Today I did my first run in stevens point. I have always heard that stevens point was flat but I didn't believe untill after my 70 min run tonight. Sometimes I would bitch about hills on runs around river falls but I already wish there were hills here. Never knew how much more interesting they made runs. The first 30mins of my run was medium/moderate pace. I tried to slow down and run easy pace but I kept picking up to medium pace ans settle in. Ended up with 70mins and roughly 10.5 miles. I had planned on doing a track workout this week but with sundays run and todays I may not. I will either do one tomorrow night or wait and try to get one in on uwsp's track friday night before its closes. I know I need to get some more 10k-5k pace workout in before the road 8k and uwrf 10k at the home meet. I am ready to hit the outdoor track for workouts.

Wednesday: 10.5 miles/70mins 4xstrides

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Down Week

After talking to some of my running friends I decided to take a down week and try and get in around 70 maybe 75 miles for the week. One reason is I have been feeling slightly run down during runs and workouts even though my times are improving, the second reason is because I have 5 weeks between 90-100 for the first time ever with two or three moderate/hard workouts a week, and the third reason is because I am in stevens point right now taking forest fire fighting class till sunday. I have the oppurtunity to run in a new place but also want to focus on why I am here, to get certified to fight forest fires and complete prescribed burns.

Monday: 12.5 miles/85mins with 7x10sec hill sprints on campus hill.

Tuesday: 4 miles travel day to stevens point

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cold Run

I took yesterday off. Its the second saturday I have taken off but I have felt a little flat on a few of my runs so I hope this will fix that problem. I still ended up with 90 miles for the week. I ran with Finch and Tony today and at the start of the run the bank temp said 2 degrees. We did Quarry Loop Extended and ran back to my house to get in 13.5 in 86mins. The run has alot of hills but they are gradual and don't really notice or feel them till you hit the road back into town. Today it was a 20mph cross wind and for 15mins none of us said a word and instead alternated picking up the pace until we got out of the wind and then setteled back into a good rythm.

The pace felt good and was 1.5 mile increase over last weeks sunday moderate run. My goal is to keep increasing (sunday runs/weekly medium pace run) untill I hit 2 hours and/or 20 miles. I also want/will keep this run included after races I am doing through the spring and summer. I few target races I will won;t but the majority I will. Just another step towards the ultimate goal: TC Marathon.

I believe moderate paced/rythem runs (runs slighty slower than tempo and marathon pace) are good training tool to get use to running comfortably at a faster pace over varied terrian and mentaly comfortable at keeping pace when the legs may feel tired like in a marathon. Leading up to the goal marathon, marathon pace will be incorperated into these runs untill marathon paced workouts lasting up to 20miles are completed

Total for last week: 90miles

Sunday: 13.5miles/86mins (6:22 pace)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Snow & Wind

Blowing Snow and Wind can pretty much sum up the last two days of running. Yesterday I got in 30mins of 60sec on/60sec off in the am before the snow hit. In the afternoon in the span of 90mins there was 6inches of snow on the ground. The wind sucked during the am workout and picked up through out the day. Ran 4.5 miles that night with Justin through snow drifts and unplowed roads. Today I did an easy 4 in the am and then went through the emotions during my afternoon 12miler. I want to keep the run easy so I didn't wear a watch but had several moments during the run where I felt like complete shit.

Thrusday: Total: 15.5
AM: 20min warm up 30min(6osec on/60sec off) about 5.2 miles 20min cool down 11miles total
PM: 4.5miles/32mins

Wednesday: Total: 16.5
AM: 4miles
PM: 12.5miles/N.T. but about 82mins acording to clock in house

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today was another great spring day. Both of my runs I was able to do in shorts. I decided to do my longer run this afternoon which was a mistake. I decided to try a new run which my friend Finch told me was 12 from his house which meant it was only 2mins less from my house. The run was on most of Quarry Rd. loop but added a long extension loop that took you further out into the country. Little did I know this meant running the last 3.5-4 miles strainght into 20mph head wind. There were a couple of hills and the footing along the side of the road was soft so every step I sunk in a little. On a positive note I got out there and got the run in at a good/easy pace.

Wednesday: AM: 4miles
PM: 12miles/81mins Quarry-Rifle Rd. loop

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring is coming

When I left the house yesterday for my run the temp. was 3 degrees and today I just finished my workout with the temperature approaching 40 degrees. Today I had planned on ding a track workout but because the weather was so nice I pushed it back untill thrusday/Friday and did my hill workout today. I decided to do the steep/longer hill on the quarry loop. The goal was 10 hills and ended up doing 12 even though my legs felt like they were going to fall off on the last one. The warm up was a graudal up hill all the way to the hill and the cool down was all down hill. I added on an extra 4 mile loop to get 12 in for the day.

Monday: AM: 13miles/90mins with 5x20sec hill sprints
PM: 4miles

Tuesday: 12miles (20min warm up 12xquarry hill 6-7mile cool down)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The day off paid off. Headed out for 12 today with Finch and Scott Bowman. Was 5 degrees and sunny when I left the house. The run went by really quick and after rolling the first 50mins we settled in and averaged 630 miles which hit the goal for the day. Unless I race the saturday before the goal of sunday runs will be longer 12-14+ with some or all the run at moderate pace/tempo pace. The idea for this comes from Brad Hudson's book. These runs will also include as many hills as possible with an uphill finish if possible.

Sunday: 12miles/75mins

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Training and Day off

I have kinda slacked the last few days so here is my running for the last few days.

Thrusday AM: 4miles
PM: 12miles/NT ran happy valley and felt sluggish untill last 6 miles

Friday AM: 4miles
PM: 20min warm up 12x400m 10k-5kpace with 200m jog (75-79) 30min cool down. Plan was to do 16 400s around 10k-HM pace but went faster. Work out felt good but had to cut it short cause softball took over the field house so only could run easy on the outside.

Saturday: OFF. First off day in about 3 months. Snowed/icey out the night before and after work decided a day off was better for the legs.

Weekly Total: 90miles in 6 days

Next couple weeks will maitina tempo whille adding some 10k-5k workouts as well as mainting hills hopefully. I don't want to lose any progress I have made. Hills will progress to longer ones.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Winter is Back

Winter was back today. After sleeting and snowing last night I woke up to wind and snow blowing. Ended up with 13 miles around town today in order to try and stay out of the wind as much as possible. The roads were a mix between snow/ice/clear pavement. Run ended up being a little tougher but ended up recovering from yesterdays workout. After work I did another easy 4 and it wasn't much better.

Wednesday AM: 13miles/88mins
PM: 4miles

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Road workout & Race schedule

Today I did my first tempo workout on the road in a couple of weeks. After a 20min warm up I did 2x10min tempo with 3min easy between adn then 10mins of 60sec on/60sec off then a 20min+ cool down. I had thought about doing 3x10min but after two I decided to mix it up on the last 10mins. Part of the first one was on a gradual downhill and the second was flat with many turns. I averaged 5:30-5:33 pace for the tempos and a little faster for the 60sec pickups. Overall a good workout for how my legs were feeling.

Tuesday AM: 4miles
PM: 12miles( 2x10min tempo 5:30pace 1x10min of 60sec on/60se off)

Tentative Race Schedule:
March 22nd: Human Race 8k
April 4th: UWRF outdoor meet 10k
April 25th: Get in Gear road 10k
May7th: TCM 1 mile

I may add one or two track races in there. I would like to run a 5k and another 10k on the track.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Race and future goals

The race went pretty well but there is room for improvement. I went into the race on tired legs but needed a rust buster. The first 2k was good and I was right on pace 6:20 but after a 40sec 11th lap the group I was with made a quick move in pace and I was unable to respond. The endurence is there but the next gear is still lacking. I ended up running 16:46. Over the next month or so I will keep the mileage up while working on 5k-10k speed to get ready for some track and shorter races in April.

Saturday: 3.5 mile warm up 5k (16:46) 3.5 mile cool down

Weekly Total: 99miles

Sunday I ran in Hudson with Tony and Finch. My right arch was a little soar but it loosen up after about a mile. Once we got rolling I was amazed at how well my legs felt. I can't remember the last time they felt so fresh after a race.

Sunday: 12miles/75mins

Today right arch was still bothering me on and off during the run. Legs felt heavy and after talking to Dr. Floske decided to run once today. Tomorow I will start using some superfeet inserts for the first time in about a year. The inserts will help take soem presure off my arch while it heals.

Monday 12miles/80mins

Saturday, February 14, 2009

First race in a while

I have been kinda busey the last few days. Wednesday I decided to do one workout this week since I am racing a 5k this afternoon. After a warm up I did 4miles of 60sec hard 60sec easy/medium and ended up with 20:41 for 4 miles which is a PR for me either in a workout or race. Thursday and Friday I just ran easy keeping the mileage up. The goal this week was to keep the milage up around 100 while also putting a good 5k effort. The race today is an indoor 5k located in river falls and should be a fast one.

Wednesday: AM: 4
PM: 3mile warm up 4miles in 20:41(60sec hard/60sec medium) 3mile cool down

Thrusday: AM: 4
PM: 12miles/no time happy valley loop

Friday: AM: 4
PM: 11miles/75mins

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Putting in the miles

Not too much has been going on the last few days. I have just been working and getting the miles. The goal is to get in around 100-110 for the next three weeks and then go down the first week of march. Th ereason for waiting for a down week is becasue the first week of march i will be in stevens point taking forest fire fighting classes and don't know how mcuh time or motivation I will have to run. After that the rest of march will be spent getting in a couple of faster track workouts before the Human Race 8k on March 22. I may add faster stuff the last week of february too, not sure.

Sunday: 10miles/64mins with Finch and Scott

Monday: AM: 13miles( first 9 in 56:10 - Quarry Rd. loop)
PM: 4miles in shorts

Tuesday: AM: 4miles
PM: 13miles/87mins (4x10sec hospital hill with 2mins-90sec recovery jog between)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ice Skating

Ran an easy 4 before work this morning nd it was nice to finally have a few less layers on at 7:30 in the morning. After work I hooked up with my friend scott for an easy 10-12. What I thought was going to be easy turned to just getting in the run over with. Everything and everywhere was icey. For the part of the run we might as well have been skating rather than running. The other problem was my stomach. The whole run I thought I had to throw up and I had to relieve my self more than once. Ended up feeling better after the run than before.

AM: 4
PM: 10/70mins

Total: 14

Week Total: 98miles (two good workouts: farlek/hills)

Two miles short of 100 this week is ok. I am debating about holding around 100 for another week or going down in mileage next week since I am racing a 5k next saturday. I am training through the 5k and using it as a fitness check to let me know where I am at.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Running at 9pm in shorts

Yesterday I ran about 12 miles in the morning 74mins. It was pretty quick time but the pace didn't feel hard it felt easy and comfortable. Didn't run after work decided to give the feet/legs a rest.

Total: 12miles/74mins

This morning I decided to do a fartlick. After a 20min warm up I did 20mins of 60sec on at good pace and 60sec easy then 5mins easy running followed by a 5min tempo and a 20min cool down. The workout felt realy good probably because it was nice out for once. Tonight when I got home from work it was warm enough to run in shorts. Just ran an easy 4 but it felt great to run in shorts this late.

AM: 11miles (20mins of 60sec on/ 60sec off 5min easy then 5min tempo)
PM: 4 in shorts

Total: 15 miles

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Obstacle

Yesterday was an interesting day. I had decided to do 12x600m with 200m jog either alternating between 10k and 5k pace or first 6 at 10k pace and last 6 at 5k pace. I should up to track at 3 thinking i would get my workout in before the team started theres. Imediatly my "former coach" promptly told me I had to leave cause this time is for athletes. I was pissed he acted like an ass and implied I wasn't an athlete. I decided to screw it and after 4.5 mile warm up did 20xcampus hill in 29:07. Each hill I discovered is just over 200m and the recovery is also just over 200m. Averaged sub 6min miles including recovery which got me excited. I did a 3 mile cool down to get 12.5 in for the day. I later found out that two other former distance runners showed up to the track and one did the teams workout while the other just ran around. Neither of them were asked to leave. The former coach and I had a falling out this past cc season about training ideas and treatment.

Total:12.5 (20xcampus hill 29:07)

Today was a pure recovery day. I didn't wear a watch on either of my runs and instead decided to just run on feel and get in a good recovery from last weeks and yesterdays workout. I ran happly valley and did the 10min climb at moderate pace. I feel doing this hill or one like it after a hard day helps to work the legs/body while also recovering because the rest of run is easy.

AM: 4
PM: 12.5

Total: 16.5 miles

Monday, February 2, 2009

Back to cold

Winter was back today as the temperature never got above 10 without the windchill and with the windchill it never got above zero. After a easy 4 miles in the morning the afternoon brough my first 13/90min run by myself in a long time. I did a loop that Justin and I have done before that goes through the subdivisions located around the golf course and campus. Because of the snow melting the last few days I was able to run on some snowmoble trails which was cool. Every direction I ran it was windy and I was glad to be done.

AM: 4
PM: about 13/87mins

Total: 17 miles

You may wonder why don't time my morning runs. There are several resons. It is colder in morning and takes my legs a while to warm up, sometimes I use them to get the junk out of my legs from the previous days workout, and I am trying to run them slower like the Kenyans do so no time means I never no how slow I am going more on how I feel. Once it starts warming up I will start timing the runs randomly to see what pace feels like what.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Plan

Yesterday's warm weather meant slipping and sliding on the run this morning. My pace was controlled and I ended up with a 11 in 75mins. I know once the weather stays warmer my really easy days will be 7-710 at the slowest. All the winter running up and down hills and throw snow and over ice is going to lead to faster workouts and races this spring and summer. I am still in my base period and will be through the end of Febuary. The workouts during these weeks will be tempos, progression runs, hill workouts, and fartleks. I may add in some speed under 5k pace like I did saturday only to maintain turn over.

Another goal is to try and get in three weeks in Feb. of 100 or more miles. Marathon training won't begin until mid-May or June depending on what races I decided to do. I know Grandma's 5k in June is a race I am looking forward to and want to win. Stay tune for more training ideas and plans.

Total: 11/75mins

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Taste of spring

Today turned out to be a great day to run. The high for the day was 45 and it was nice to put on the shorts and get a break, if only for one day, from winter. I had planned to do a track workout today but because of the nice weather I modified the workout for the roads. The workout was 3x(4x60sec) between 5k-3k pace with 60sec recovery and 2mins recovery between sets. I ran quarry loop for first 9 miles in 54mins then ran an extra 14mins to get in 11 for the day. I finaly hit my first 100 mile week and the goal is to get one or two more in before going down a little in milage for one week.

Total: 11miles (3x(4x60sec))

Weekly Total: 100 miles

A lot of great meets happened across the country this weekend. http://gohuskies.cstv.com/sports/c-track/spec-rel/013009aaa.html. Two performaces stand out to me Dorian Ulrey from Arkansas anchored a school recorded in the dmr friday night and today ran a 7:50 3k, and the other is Jenny Barringer from CU and her 8:53 3k (it was her first race since the olympic steeple chase finals).

Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Valley

Didn't get out the door untill 11 this morning and decided to do happy valley for the 3rd week in a row. I want to make this run a staple in my training because of the 10min up hill half way through the run. I hit the first 6 miles in 37:15 then ran longer way home to get in 12.5 in 77mins. I spent the evening watching denise throw at St. Olaf. She did great in weight and I expect a massive pr soon. Shot did not go as well but I know it will happen soon. Ran an easy 4 when I got home from the meet.

PM: 4

Total:16.5 miles

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pizza before run = bad idea

Yesterday could be sumed up as just getting in the miles. Ran easy 4 and felt like I had a little swore throat. Ended up getting called in to work at the shoe store till 5. Ran an easy 13 in the snow and dark with Justin to finish up my day. Just felt tired but I knew the feeling was coming when I uped my mileage.


Total:17 miles

Today I ran an easy 4 before work. I got off work early so i did my hill workout in the light for once. The only hill I could find that wasn't slippery was one near campus that is a gradual steep 200m climb. Felt like crap during the warm up and the hills. Ended up doing 10 hills for a total of 9 miles for the run.

AM: 4
PM: 9 with 10x200m hills

Total: 13 miles

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Treadmill Fun

On paper on workout for the day sounded hard but not crazy. It turned out to be a little tougher than expected. After a 3 mile warm up i hit the treadmill for a 4 tempo around 540 pace. The workout felt tougher than it should have. I finished up with 4x200m at 5k-3k pace with 200m jog recovery and a 10min cool down. I stopped for 30sec at 2 miles to grab a fresh towel to wipe my face.

Ran an easy 4 after work tonight and the run was super easy. The idea was to get the junk out of my legs but I was still feeling the workout and was a little dehydrated even though it was -10 out.

AM: 3 Wup 4 mile tempo( 5:40 pace with last 4 mins progressively faster in katana racers) 4x200m with 200m jog 10min CD
PM: 4 in nike vomero

Total: 14 miles

I think I am going to make tempo/threshold runs a stable of my training. Most likly I will start doing them every over week and the other weeks do a structured fartlek type workout.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ice & Cold

Today was another cold day (last one hopefully). The temp. never got above 5 degrees today. Morning run went ok except the legs took a little longer to warm up than usual. This evening I ran 13 with Justin and two firsts happen on the run. The first was my hands got cold enough we ran past the house half way through the run so i could switch gloves and the other was I had my first fall of the season. I slipped on some black ice but came away with minimal damage. I will see how the knee feels in the morning.

AM: 4 miles
PM: 13 miles/91 mins

Total: 17 miles

This past weekend German Fernandez ran a world junior record in the indoor mile (3:56). What is more amazing is he did this in his first indoor race ever and only 8 weeks after straining his achelies at cross country nationals. Willy Kaul of UW-Oshkosh also ran an impressive time of 8:16 in the 3k. He did this by himself.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

So Close

Running wise yesterday was kinda a bust. Ran 4 miles in morning before heading over to UW-Stout to watch Denise throw. By the time I got home I wasn't realy motivated to venture out in the sub-zero temperatures for 10 more miles to reach 100. She did an amazing job and I know at the next meet she will pop a good one.

AM: 4 miles

Total for the week: 90 (2 workouts)

Today I waited to run until after work. Debated about running on the treadmill but decided to man up and run outside. Iwas a good decission.

Total: 11 milles/70mins

Friday, January 23, 2009

Back to the Cold

Yesterday I did my main run in the morning since I had to work 12-830. I did happy valley and felt pretty good once I got going. Only did one run because when I got home I wasn't that motivated.

AM/Total: 12 miles/78mins

Today I did 4 miles this morning in 20 degree weather and by the time i left the house in the afternoon it was 13 with a windchill of -5. I did a 24 min warm up then 20 x campus hill adn then a 22 min cool down to get 12. The workout felt a lot better than last week and did all 20 with recovery in 32 mins. It helped it was a little warmer no snow or head wind to run into.

AM: 4
PM: 12 miles/78mins (20xcampus hill 32mins)
Total: 16

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Putting in the Miles

Yesterday was what I hope will be a typical wednesday of running. I did an easy 4 in the morning and rthen 13 miles in 90mins with Justin in the evening. Added 4x10sec hill sprints this week and in the future i hope to do short hill sprints a few times a week. The rest of the day was spent running errands with Denise and going to Folskes to get my foot looked at and adjust my back/hips

AM: 4 miles
PM: 13 miles/90mins

Total: 17 miles

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Future National Campion

While I was on the treadmil this morning I got to watch my girlfriend Denise to her Javelin. She is still competing for UWRF and her main focous is the discus and javelin. She is looking better and better every time and I know I will be watching her at outdoor nationals in javelin and maybe also the discus.

New Addication

This morning I decided to do my tempo workout on the treadmill at the indoor track. I use to swear off ever running on a treadmill but I have realized it does have value. I did a 3 mile warm u to the indoor track and then hoped on the treadmil for a 3mile tempo at 5:40 pace. The goal was to get in the first good tempo since the summer and I accomplished that mission. The pace felt comfortable. I had planned on doing ome 300's at 3k-5k pace afterwards but decided to skip them since my foot wasn't realy hurting. Ran a 3.5 mile cool down.

I ran an easy 4 this afternoon and my arch really didn't hurt which suprised me since it bugged me all day between runs. I tried a new shoe this afternoon the Nike Air Max Moto. It worked pretty well, very cushioned and may be used for long runs in the future. I am headed over to Floskes tomorrow to get my arch looked at again.

AM: 3 Wup 3 tempo (5:40 pace) 3.5 CD TOTAL: 9.5
PM: 4 mile

Total for the day: 13.5

On a side note wisconsin hosted its first indoor marathon this past weekend. Congrats to all who finished and the fast time by the male winner. http://www.jsonline.com/news/milwaukee/37777894.html

Monday, January 19, 2009

Putting in miles

Today was a typical monday running wise. An easy 4 miles in the AM and tonight I ran 12.5 miles with my roommate Justin. Today was the best weather we have had running wise in a few weeks. The tendons in my right foot have been bothering me for the first time since the middle of Dec. It didn't hurt tonight and my doctor told me to play it by ear the next few days.

AM: 4 miles in trail shoes
PM: 12.5 miles in nike elites
TOTAL: 16.5

Forgot to mention but Josh Cox broke the US 50k record this past weekend in Arizona and Meb (marathon silver medal winner in 2004 olympics) made a strong comback winning the USA Track & Field half-marathon campionships. He beat on of my favorite runners Dathan Ritzenhien.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Week

Ran easy 10.5 miles this morning in 66mins. Ran Quarry Rd. Loop and then added on around town. The quarry road loop is famous for a long steep hill 2/3 of the way into the run and finishes with long down hill back into town. Light snow fell for the whole run.

Total: 10.5/66mins

Saturday, January 17, 2009

11 miler that felt like 14

Today was UWRF's annual alumni/intersquad meet. I went to watch Denise throw wieght and shot put. She did good for the first meet of the year and PRed in wieght. I did not compete because of my workout schedule this week and wanted to get in a few more weeks of training before a fitness test. I skipped my morning run because I started feeling yesterdays run and by the time I started my run after meet my motivation was lacking. I ran with Justin and Brandon (former teammate). I had every intention of doing 14-2 hrs but after running a windy/cold 11 loop on snowy county roads I decided to call it a day. The loop is called the dip because of a long hill that dips straight down and then back up.

Total today 11

Total for the week: 82

Long Cold Night

When I finished yesterdays morning run the temperature was -35 with the wind chill. By the time I did my evening run it was up to 6 with a wind chill of -10, it felt like a heat wave. The workout for the day was a 40 min warm up 20 x campus hill and 12 min cool down. The hill is located on a bike path that conects the two parts of campus. It is a nice gradual hill that can have various lenghts. The lenght of the hill I did was 300m. The workout ended up being tougher than expected because each uphill was into a head wind.

Total for the day 17 miles

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Treadmill Running

Today was my first experience running on a treadmill and it went pretty well. I ended up running 12 miles in just under 84 mins with the last 20mins slowly picking up the pace.
Total: 12

Yesterday I did an easy 4 miles in the am and track workout with my friends Jason Finch and Tony Meyers in the evening. After a 30min warm up my workout was 2x1000m and 6x600m with 90sec recovery. The 1k's were 3:14 and 3:13. The 600s started at 1:57 and worked down with the last one in 1:51. I did a 10min cool down for a total of 10 miles. I felt ok for not being on the indoor track in 6 weeks.

Total for the day : 14

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First entry

So I set this blog up to have another way to keep track of weekly mileage as well as the types of workouts I do leading up to my first marathon (Twin Cities Fall 2009). I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin River Falls with a degree in Environmental Science and I am in the process starting graduate work at the University of Minnesota. I ran track and cross country in college but never produce good race results. I believe having complete control of my training and surrounding myself with a great support group will lead to great training and successful race results. Will also be posting links to good running articles I and other running blogs I found interesting and helpful. No one might read this but oh well.