Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Been a while

So its been a while since I have posted. I have been busey with work and running the last two weeks and haven't had the time to sit down and post what I have been up to. Runnig wise the last two weeks have been great and steps in the right direction as I get closer to the marathon. Two wednesdays a ago I did 5x1200m at threshold pace with the last one at 3:56. Two days later on Friday I raced Grandmas Marathon 5k. There were a lot of positives to take out the race: I went out in 4:57, finnished higher than last year 7th, ran over a minute faster than last year 16:26, and ran close to my pr. I only thing I wish I would have done different is when I hit the turn around to head back to the finnish instead of sitting behind 2nd place and make him do all the work running into a head wind i should have stepped up and pushed the pace to run faster. My goal for my next 5k is to go out just as fast, maybe a little faster and hold on/close better. Ran 93 miles that week.

I did two workouts last weeks. I mini-workout tuesday with 5xupper glen park hill loop and 10mins of 60 on 60 off after hills, and the other workout was 6x1mile at maraton goal pace with 200m jog between. I did the workout with Justin and it went great and was faster than expected. Closed the last two repeats in 5:25 and 5:28 but i never flet out of my comfort zone. I know I could have down 4 more. Ran 105 miles last week.

Tonight Justin and I plan to run 5miles with first 1.5 miles at HM/10mile pace then 2 miles at MP and last 1.5 miles again at HM.

I have figured out the races I plan on doing before the marathon give or take two:

4th of July 8k Blaine
Lumberjack Days 1omiler
Henpin Lake Classic 5k
MDRA 15k -?
Half Marathon
City of Lakes 25k -?

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