Thursday, June 4, 2009

Workout, Throwing Up and More Miles

Yesterday morning I headed over to the with Scott Bowman for a workout. I had talked about doing 6x1k but being 7am I debated between 1.5 mile repeats at tempo pace or 4-5x1mile at goal marathon pace(550-6) with 200m/60sec recovery. What ended up happening was 4x1 mile with 200m walk/jog in 5:36, 5:32, 5:28, 5:19. The first repeat we hit 85s for the first two laps and just up the tempo a litlte and ended up being the case for all the repeats. Overall I am happy with this work since I did 20 the day before and it was done at 7am. The sweetest thing was how perfect it was out yesterday morning and today. Not only was there little/no wind but the temps were perfect for a workout. Doing track workouts early in the morning may become a staple this summer. I know it takes longer to wake the legs up so early in the morning but the benifits of runing in less wind and cooler temps far outwieght waking up early. Having Scott there for the workout was a plus and I hope is schedule and/or other peoples workout so I we can do workouts togather. Its always easier running hard with someone then by yourself even if you are not doign the exact same workout.

AM: 3mile Wup 4x1mile 10k-HM pace with 200m/60sec recovery 5mile CD Total-12miles
1-(85,85,82,83) 5:36
2-(86,82,83,79) 5:32 Scott puked 1200m in so finished on my own
3-(83,83,80,80) 5:28
4-(82,79,81,76) 5:19

PM: 4miles in Lunar Trainers

AM: 12miles/77mins with 10min+ pickup after 60mins of running Glen Park Trails - Nike Zoom Elites #
PM: 4miles in Lunar Trainers

The goal is to get in 20miles total tomorrow and 12 on saturday for a total of 112miles for the week. I will most likly be doing a workout tomorrow so 3 x 10min tempos at tempo-marathon pace with 2-3mins recovery for my main run and the other run will just be as much mileage as I need to hit 20. I feel I have gained more fitness from last week and I am ready to see what happens in two weeks at grandma's marathon 5k

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