Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lonely Road

So Friday didn't go as planned. I had planned to run 10miles in morning and 10miles in the evening since I had the day off. The am 10miles went ok and I kept the breaks on the whole time to make sure it was easy. Through out the day I started to feel a soar throat was coming on which is never a good sign. I made out the door around 5pm but only made it 5 and called it good. Mind and body were a little tired/fried. The soar throat didn't get any better yesterday but still manged to click off 11.5 with Scott in 75mins with Shopko trial loop 36:20. The weather here yesterday and today has not helped much because it has been damp/cold/rainy since I finnished my run yesterday. I decided I am going to play it safe and take a zero for the day. I know good go out and put in 12 no problem but I want to be a little cautious with a race coming up in two weeks. Goal is to still get 100 miles in for the week.

AM: 10 miles/68mins Shopko trails very easy
PM: 5miles/NT Glen Park

Saturday: 11.5 miles/75mins Shopko trails with Scott plus added on a little (shopko loop in 36:20)

Total: 107miles (Highest mileage week ever)

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