Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dialing it in

Yesterday I got in an easy 10miles with Justin in Glen Park. The pace was realy under control and allowed the legs to recover. The total for last week was 90miles with sunday off and one workout on wednesday. Today I decided to do my first long run and added some marathon pace effort into the end of the run. My goal for my long runs the rest of the training period is to make them modified long runs/mini-workouts. Brad Hudson uses these for his athletes and I am going to try them and see how the work. After running Shopko Trials/10miles in 66mins i took a couple sips of Powerade and put on the Nike Lunar Racers for the last 4 miles. I had thought about doing 60sec at marathon pace 60sec esy but instead turned the last 4miles into a moderate/farlick and finnished in 23mins. Overall a good workout considering it was the first warm/humid day of June. On a side note the Lunar Racers are a great shoe. They are extremly light/less than 5ozs but have amazing cushoning and responsivness. i will be using these for all my marathon pace workouts/all workouts on the road and also road races.

Saturday: 10miles/68mins
Total for the week:90miles with one workout

14miles/89mins with first 10miles/Shopko trials in 66mins and last 4 miles at MP/farlick in lunar racers in 23mins.

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  1. Looks like the workouts have been going very well. I'd go for the win at the Irvin, 1530 may be something to shoot for. All the work is done, time to get after it and let the workouts do the rest. Go get em!